Monday, April 14, 2014

In your Business, Why Giving Works...

The practice of giving to non profits is  often discussed with my 1 on 1 business clients when designing their plan. Because often our financial frame of mind
is stemmed from a scarcity mind set. And we think 'Well, if I give a percentage
of my earnings away monthly I won't ever have money to pay for x, y or z
that desperately needs to finally be paid for,
or brought out of debt?'

And I get that, don't get me wrong. 
But the truth is, giving really works for everybody. 
For you. For your business. For the organization you are helping.
And for the flow of money and it's energy out into our world. 

No one has ever become poor by giving. ~Anne Frank

It's quite the opposite actually.

There is something incredibly empowering and powerful in making an intention
to consciously donate a certain percentage of your earnings monthly.
Your brain and money mindset immediately begins to shift into a broader
container that is able to handle a greater capacity of money input and generosity output. It's as though more money is attracted to you, 
and your business continues to flow money out towards helping even more people.

Plus, when you adopt the act of donating in your business plan-
you begin to get an extra boost of pure giddiness at the end
of each month just thinking about which organization you get to help first hand.

So… are you ready to feel a powerful shift in your money mindset
and connection to a larger sense of being? If so, embrace this challenge: 
For the next three months  make it a business goal to
donate a certain percentage of your earnings to a charity that 
makes your heart sing. A charity (or two or three) you
know will be thrilled to be supported by you. And see what happens for you,
your business, the organization and your money mind set.

And I would love to know you've accepted the challenge-
and what organization you are thinking of giving to at the end of this month and beyond~ 

Now Go Forth and Have Your Best Week Yet!

Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm gonna own it right now- Our Halloween picture rocks. It honestly makes my year. There are so many reasons why, and I'm going to soak up every last compliment I get on just how awesome this family costume and picture came together. 

Because there was a lot of real life lead up to this picture last night. I'll start with this: our family loves this movie. We've loved The Incredibles since it's inception. And when we'd watch the movie I'd silently wish to myself  'Oh, wouldn't it be so cute to have our very own Jack- Jack'. But my wishing would slowly dissipate once the credits started to roll.

Yet be careful what you wish for baby~

A few years later when we found out we were shockingly pregnant with a surprise third I honestly thought 'Well, looks like we're getting our own lil' Jack Jack.' In my gut I also knew it was a boy and that he would really be our family Jack Jack. After all, I kept calling my older son 'Jack' (his name is Nicolas) for the first few WEEKS of his life, and that was seven years ago, so it seemed the Jack persona was willing his way into our life.

And then our baby boy came into the world. And we were soooooo close to naming him Jack. But we chose the close sounding family name of James instead. And I love his name (but sometimes still whisper Jack Jack in his ear when no one is listening).

And baby J makes our family complete and our family costume complete as well. But I now must give another HUGE shout out to my own very Bob, aka Mr. Incredible. And he is Mr. Incredible for MANY reasons, but there is one special reason why he needs to wear this title very proudly. 

Because you see, Baby J was put in the NICU for 5 days when he was born. And long story insurance was claiming he was not covered. WHAT??!! So the paperwork and mental anguish I'd been experiencing these past six months to attempt to rectify this health insurance situation had been excruciatingly painful to put it lightly. We're talking a HUGE medical bill that completely clouded my birth and newborn experience. 

Until three days ago.

When my Mr. Incredible talked with the insurance people (just like the movie dad helped people find the fine print to help their insurance claim) and went up and down and all around the channels and came out on the other side. victorious. We were done. He WAS covered. It's all good and it's all over. OVER. No more huge medical bill looming over our family (I still can't believe it as I'm typing this). 

And there's still more reasons why the Incredibles theme rocks for us- like my daughter straightening her hair for the first time last night and beaming with excitement over her now long locks. Or my son agreeing to wear the costume just for at least this photo- because he's actually the most like the character DASH in how much he LOVES to run.

But I'm going to stop here.Why? Because in reality we all have our versions of being Superheroes. Right? We all have our own special powers that make each of our units unique. Ours just happened to manifest itself around a movie and some costumes during Halloween this year (Plus, I gotta take Violet to gymnastics, get baby Jack Jack from the sitter and Dash ready for Bob to take to soccer.)