Monday, March 5, 2012

Out on a Limb

Here's my lil' AB doing her thing. Going for it bar at a time. And I gotta to remember, it's not like she waltzed up there the first time and swung away. No no no no no. It  took her a few years just to be strong enough to hang on her own. Then it took another few years to venture out and swing over to the next bar. And now look at her...swinging away. Always with guts, strength and belief in herself.  You can see it on her face. Going for it all one bar at a time.

AM- The bars are there, just trust the process.

 Here are my bars that I'll be swinging from for my Goals for the Week:


Continue planning Spring Break ideas...


4 runs, 2 bikes, 3 strength trains, 1 yoga, zumba or other different exercise


Cook dinner at home every night this week. I did the shopping, the menu let's do it:)


Plan an overnight

Personal Growth:

Develop a Plan for 1 or 2 of my Bigger yearly goals


I haven't given myself the time and space for an hour to just BE and do something for myself outside of my morning routine. So make a list of fun things to do and do one!
As always, I write these down on a bookmark I keep in my organizer and review them each day as part of my morning routine. And this is what I have lined up to swing from this week. about YOU? Would love to know what bars you've got lined up for the week! :)

Also....I am moving my blog over to my business website:


Emz said...

lovin' your goals.
especially love the wife one. ;)

we need those overnighters!!

Lisa said...

great goals! I try to plan out meals for every night of the week, but somehow I always come up one or two short! I'm not sure how that happens.